Navigating Culture Change

Navigating Culture Change

Dr. Seuss released “You’re Only Old Once” on his 82nd birthday.  It’s a tale of a man enduring long waits in the Golden Years Clinic for strange tests he knows nothing about.

Throughout it, he is progressively stripped of his clothing, as well as his self-respect, unable to share his thoughts with anyone who will actually listen.

Is your organization like the Golden Years Clinic? 


Unfortunately, chances are it probably is.

So how do you make your home more like Seuss’s Land of Fott-fa-Zee, where everybody feels fine at 103?

There is no magic bus to transport you, but there are some simple steps to set you on the right path:

  1. Get out of your office and walk around!  Visit different areas each day, not just the places you are used to going to.  Whether you realize it or not, the staff and residents in the other areas notice your absence.
  2. Look for the positive everyday!  Focus on the good things you see as you walk around.  It is amazing when we look for the positive how we find it.  The opposite is also true.
  3. Share compliments freely and genuinely. Don’t be the leader the staff dreads seeing coming down the hall because they know a wrong will be pointed out.  Let them look forward to hearing your words of praise!

Unbelievably simple steps, yet for some reason they are the exception rather than the rule in most communities.

Be a navigator!  Get out and start looking for Fotta-fa-Zee today! 


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