At Drive, we get excited about the results you get when you improve culture and leadership in your organization. We’ll help you improve employee retention rates, motivate staff, and inspire loyalty and trust amongst your team.


Inspire others to achieve the unimaginable through:

Deliberate Development

We care enough to collaborate with, and constantly develop, everyone we interact with because life is about learning.

Passion and Positivity

We illuminate the positive and make the mundane memorable because we all need more joy in our life.

Relentless Responsibility

We willingly face adversity and enthusiastically persevere because our work changes lives.


Nothing is possible without our amazing team


Denise Boudreau

Denise Boudreau is founder of Drive, a culture consultancy firm that optimizes recruitment and retention, exclusively for healthcare and senior living organizations. She has over 20 years of experience working in acute care and aging services where, as a dietary aide, CNA and Administrator, she experienced many healthy and unhealthy cultures. Denise became nicknamed “The…

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Vice President of Operations & Culture Consultant

Vanessa Brookes, MPA

Vice President of Operations by day, Mom of a toddler by night, and living proof that a little bit of coffee can go a long way. Vanessa graduated from King’s College where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Gerontology with a minor in Mass Communications. Vanessa knew from a young age that aging services…

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Veronica Barber, EdD

Veronica A. Barber, EdD is a Culture Consultant and EQ Coach with Drive. Veronica’s executive consulting and coaching practice began in 2013 and she has since then helped numerous leaders and organizations to improve their performance, with guided transformative approaches. Veronica’s most recent organizational role was as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for…

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Culture Consultant & Speaker

Christopher Ridenhour, GFN

Little did Christopher know that a random request for an informational interview would result in his current 20-year (and counting) thrill ride in Healthcare and Aging Services. “Inspired” does not adequately describe of his profound journey. Christopher has become a champion for the organizational “wins and wows” that result from coaching teams on how to…

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Culture Consultant

Amy Fish

Amy has worked as a health care administrator since October of 1988.  Her experience ranges from managing a small rural hospital, 110-bed Alzheimer’s facility where she was also instrumental in developing an assisted living facility, a 200-bed dual licensed campus in Flagstaff, AZ, the Administrator of the largest skilled nursing facility in Nebraska, and VP…

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Ellen Casey

Ellen is the Senior Executive Director at The Campus at Cannondale in Wilton, CT. She has 30 years of post-acute and senior living leadership as a Registered Dietitian, Nursing Home Administrator and Senior Living Leader. Ellen has led teams to achieve the Baldrige Quality Award at the Bronze and Silver Level and has achieved the…

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Culture Consultant

Ray Dickison

Mr. Ray Dickison, FACHCA is the President of Wesley Manor Retirement Community, Inc. and Methodist Retirement Homes of Kentucky, Inc. in Louisville, KY.  With 28 years of post-acute and senior living leadership, Ray has extensive, award-winning operational and strategic experience primarily in faith-based, non-profit organizations.  His professional involvement includes numerous Board appointments and certifications.  Ray’s…

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Culture Consultant

Karyn Lushinks

Karyn is an experienced HR professional, with over 20 years in aging services, and finds joy in creating positive workplace environments and fostering strong employee relationships.  She earned degrees from the University of Rhode Island and Quinnipiac University, including a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, and is committed to lifelong learning and personal development. As an…

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Director of Marketing

Sheila O’Grady, R.D.

Sheila is a Registered Dietitian and has been with Drive since 2018 as the Director of Marketing. She enjoys writing the bimonthly blogs and all the ways Drive communicates with the incredible people of senior living and healthcare! She has her degree in nutrition, and she loves to run and spend time in nature with…

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Office Coordinator

Debra Nobile

Debra Nobile is our Office Coordinator and joined the Drive Team in July 2016. Debra is involved in general office organization and streamlining business operations. She is responsible for all back-end office processes including billing clients, contract delivery, travel for conferences and client visits, and serves as a liaison between the Drive team and our…

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What our clients say about Drive:


Speak one-on-one with an organizational culture consultant

During your free discovery call, our consultant will evaluate your organization’s culture issues. From there, they will put together a plan of action tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.
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Resources and tools for strengthening your culture.

In the world of aging services, where compassion, empathy, and dedication are paramount, company culture plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining top talent. According to a landmark 2019 Glassdoor survey, a remarkable 77 percent of workers consider a company’s culture before even applying for a job there. And for 56 percent of them,…

What not to do at work: Demean. Gossip. Criticize. Basically, anything Michael Scott did on The Office. Professionalism isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the golden thread that weaves everything together, from leadership to job fulfillment to customer satisfaction. Think of it as the backbone of a workplace—a foundation built on competence, efficiency, and a shared commitment to excellence….

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” – Stuart Smalley Sometimes you just need a little pep talk. You may not always feel like you have what it takes to do the tough stuff and have the difficult conversations. But, you’re more than capable, and whatever “it” is, it’s absolutely…


By igniting hope, we drive purpose and passion into Healthcare and Senior Living organizations.


Sites that have improved their culture by working with us.


Organizations with thriving cultures have 3 times the revenue growth compared to those with struggling cultures.


Sites with the healthiest cultures have an average occupancy that is 42% higher than the least healthy sites; 95% occupancy compared to 66%.


Culture drives engagement, and organizations with the highest engagement have 59% lower turnover.
Drive empowers leadership teams to create cultures that employees love. We love to enter a toxic or inefficient work culture and transform it into one that creates tangible results.
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