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Great for Group Learning

The Impactful Leader

Being a leader in healthcare and senior living is more daunting and challenging than ever before. The Impactful Leader is the definitive playbook to navigate leadership with confidence & skill.
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Great for Group Learning

Fully Staffed

Can you imagine what it would be like to be Fully Staffed? We're talking Fully Staffed with team members that make you proud. People that make your organization, and YOU, look really good!
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The Recruitment Course

Ready to finally break free from this staffing nightmare? Our on-demand, online course will help you get you the very best staff quickly!
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Weak leaders are like holes in the hull of a ship...

It only takes one to sink the entire crew.

The harsh reality of most healthcare and senior living managers is that they fail as leaders.

They tread water day and night, clinging to impossible work hours and managing teams that gave up months ago.

Meanwhile, strong leaders are sailing through their work, effortlessly engaging and retaining staff…and doing it all without working 24/7.

When the waves of crisis come crashing down, will you be the North Star that keeps your team afloat?

Improve Leadership Cohesion

Inspire trust, collaboration, and joint decision-making in your leadership team.

Better Decision-Making

Learn how to maintain composure and clarity during difficult times, so you can make fast, rational decisions when most needed.

More Confidence Leading

Discover the mindset tricks top leaders use to wash away self-doubt and feel empowered during every step of their leadership journey.

More Time For Family

Stop drowning in an ocean of overwhelm and overwork. Have more time for your family and feel more passionate, energized, and effective.

Maximize Leadership Output

Go from putting out fires and running on the "manager’s treadmill" to working on big-picture, needle-moving tasks.

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The tools, actions, and small-but-mighty tweaks in our courses will turn you into a devastatingly effective leader who thrives under any challenge.

Step-by-Step Program

All of our courses are online and self-directed. Each is made up of short, easy-to-digest videos and include simple action steps.

Learn at Your Own Pace

All you need is internet access to begin learning. Learn on the go, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Tried & Tested Material

500+ senior living and healthcare leaders have boosted employee engagement and built a better work-life balance using our leadership development courses.


Meet your online course curator

Denise Boudreau struggled for years as a leader in skilled nursing and assisted living. After endless courses, books, and mentors, Denise was able to turn it all around and become the high-performing leader she needed to be. Now, she has condensed her entire learnings into foolproof leadership courses that teach you the A-Z of being an effective healthcare leader.


Denise Boudreau

Denise Boudreau is founder of Drive, a culture consultancy firm that optimizes recruitment and retention, exclusively for healthcare and senior living organizations.

She has over 20 years of experience working in acute care and aging services where, as a dietary aide, CNA and Administrator, she experienced many healthy and unhealthy cultures.

Denise became nicknamed “The Queen of Culture” when others started to notice that she had a bit of a vigorous addiction to it: not only did she found Drive, but she also founded the non-profit New Jersey Alliance for Culture Change (as one does) in between chairing the Marketing Committee for the National Long Term Care Administrators’ Board (NAB) and serving as an Executive in Residence at Cornell, her alma mater, where she received her Master’s in—ready for it?—Health Administration after completing a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology from the University of Scranton.

Denise has dedicated her life to being both an excellent microwaver as well as a sought out thought leader in the healthcare and senior living field—we won’t even mention the boards she serves on. In her spare time, she is proudly known as “The Servant of Tiny Tim,” as she is at the beck and call of her corgi/chihuahua mix, as well as the mother of twin boys (who as adults, are no longer allowed to beck and call her)

She lives in Key West, her superpower is finding the positive in any situation, and she’ll fight anyone for an In-N-Out Burger. Denise has also visited every state in the U.S., in case you needed one more reason to hate her. 

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