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EAST Providence, Rhode Island

Rowntree Gardens

 Learn how one organization reduced their 90-day turnover 50% and increased their employee referrals 53%

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Photo of Tockwotten
EAST Providence, Rhode Island

Tockwotton on the Waterfront

Learn how one organization in Rhode Island reduced annual turnover by 32% by creating an intentional plan for culture

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I didn’t realize how badly I needed this. I had been desperate.  When my phone rang a few weeks ago and Barmi Akbar, CEO of Guardian Healthcare in Pennsylvania (Drive’s friends and longtime clients), asked me to come visit them, I nearly jumped out of my seat and screamed! Play it cool, Denise, play it…

For years, I grappled with how best to grow leaders. Did you know leadership development is a billion-dollar industry? And yet, after all the trainings and resources provided to organizations, companies continue to struggle with this thing called leadership.   Why is that? Leadership starts as a deeply “personal” journey.   Leaders are each very unique and…

Emotional intelligence has been lauded as the future of leadership, the most desirable leadership tenet, and the number one predictor of professional success and personal excellence. Something as profound and transformative as this requires an expert touch. The Power of EQ CoachingCoaching is a powerful process used to support people in creating positive change in…


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