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Culture transformations don’t happen overnight.

It takes months, sometimes even years, of hard work. Change can be intimidating, and the roots of culture run deep. To create lasting culture change in your organization, you need to be able to inspire your team to want to help change it. And that’s exactly what our expert speakers do. 

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Inspirational & Practical Advice

We know exactly how to inspire and motivate change in your audience. But there’s more: we also give guided, practical steps for implementing lasting change.

Interactive Presentations

Tired of stagnant presentations with one-way communication? Our speakers use engaging interactive pieces to boost audience engagement and drive key points home.

Associations, Providers, Boards

Our presentations can be tailored to fit many different groups, from large associations to small interactive board presentations.

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Sample Presentation Topics

Our presentations focus on growing positive work cultures by exploring a range of related topics. All topics can be customized and adapted to fit a keynote, breakout session or workshop.

Engage employees better

Boost Employee Engagement

This unique presentation breaks down the underlying causes of employee burnout in healthcare and senior living. You’ll also learn our breakthrough four-step cure for employee burnout, so your staff tackle each day with more passion, energy and engagement.

How culture impacts business outcomes

Leadership For Employee Engagement

Studies show that over 70% of employees are not engaged in their work, resulting in decreased revenue, quality, safety and YOU taking it all on. Discover our simple leadership strategies to prevent employee disengagement from spreading through your culture.

Implementing and sustaining organizational change

The Good & Bad of Healthcare Culture

Get insight into the most common culture pitfalls revenue, quality, safety and YOU taking it all on. Discover our simple leadership strategies to prevent employee disengagement from spreading through your culture.

How culture impacts business outcomes

Implementing and Sustaining Organizational Change

Discover how to stop forcing culture changes and instead learn the secrets to inspiring and highlights in healthcare and senior living organizations. This is based on feedback we’ve collected from thousands of staff, across countless healthcare organizations.


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Meet your speakers


Denise Boudreau-Scott


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Degree – Masters of Health Administration
May 1994

University of Scranton
Scranton, PA
Degree – Bachelor of Science, Gerontology
May 1992

Denise Boudreau-Scott has over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience working in acute care, senior living and long-term care. During this time, she worked inside many unmotivated teams and poor healthcare cultures. This ultimately fueled her desire to build better cultures in healthcare and senior living organizations by giving inspiring keynote presentations and speeches.

Denise is a national keynote speaker and founder of Drive, a culture consultancy firm that optimizes progress & profits for health care and senior living organizations. (Turns out, great mashed potatoes don’t really drive financials—who knew?) 

Drive’s proprietary 4-step “culture process” specializes in finding profitability hiding in plain sight, by focusing on culture—which is also hiding in plain sight. Imagine…the strongest driver of your business financials actually has nothing to do with business.

Denise became nicknamed “The Queen of Culture” when others started to notice that she had a bit of a vigorous addiction to it: not only did she found her culture consultancy, Drive, but she also founded the non-profit New Jersey Alliance for Culture Change (as one does) in between chairing the marketing committee for the National Long Term Care Administrators’ Board (NAB) and lecturing at Cornell, her alma mater, where she received her Master’s in—ready for it?—Health Administration after completing a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology from the University of Scranton.

Denise has dedicated her life to being both an excellent microwaver as well as a leader in the health care and senior living field—we won’t even mention the boards she serves on—but in her spare time she is proudly known as “The Servant of the Mutant Chihuahua,” as she’s the mother of a 26 pound-Chihuahua named JJ, as well as the mother of twin boys (who are not, as of yet, mutants…but give it time).

She lives on the Jersey Shore, her superpower is finding the positive in any situation, and she’ll fight anyone for an In-N-Out Burger. Denise has also visited every state in the U.S. in case you needed one more reason to hate her. 

Engagement Consultant

Arleen Smith


Thomas Edison State University RN to MSN 2021

Arleen Smith is a Leadership and Engagement Consultant with Drive. As a Registered Nurse with over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare field, Arleen has served in various leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry. She’s also served on leadership councils focused on inspiring others to achieve personal growth and develop their skills as leaders. Along with this experience, Arleen brings ten years of diverse hospital and traveling nurse experience in medical-surgical, critical care, oncology, emergency room and trauma.

Arleen is trained as a 3-star coach in LEAN methodology and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. Her area of expertise is achievement of each individual’s highest potential through leadership, coaching and performance management.

She lives down the Jersey Shore (no one in Jersey says “on” the shore!) with her husband Greg and three teenagers. When she’s not walking her dog on the beach, she’s inspiring everyone she encounters with her positive outlook!


What our clients have to say about Drive:


Resources and tools for strengthening your culture.

Staffing issues are the new pandemic. Every industry is desperate for good people to fill the gaps. I see it in my small beach town. Roofers, landscapers, restaurants… all short staffed as we gear up for the high season, with locals looking to do home projects and vacationers flocking here for the summer months. Welcome…

I hear a lot of leaders talking about “turning the corner”. They want to go from the wildly busy, all-encompassing days of COVID back to “the basics”. It even applies to our life at home. I’m talking to you COVID 20 pounds!   If you are finding yourself wanting to get back to normal life, ask yourself…

I didn’t realize how badly I needed this. I had been desperate.  When my phone rang a few weeks ago and Barmi Akbar, CEO of Guardian Healthcare in Pennsylvania (Drive’s friends and longtime clients), asked me to come visit them, I nearly jumped out of my seat and screamed! Play it cool, Denise, play it…


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