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Values shape behavior in a major way, so it is no great surprise that values and culture are closely related. The common ground between organizational and personal values is where a leader has the opportunity to really change an organization's culture.


Culture is the lifeblood of your organization.

It runs deep through your organization. It flows between staff, fuels motivation, and rubs off on to the people you serve. Culture is at the heart of everything you do — and your organization lives and dies by the state of it. When culture is toxic, it dissolves teams, repels great staff, and eats away at your profits. But when culture is great, the sky’s the limit.  Most organizations think their culture is great, when in reality it’s secretly contaminating every area of their business.  When was the last time you measured your culture?

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Improve Employee Engagement

Spot issues in your culture and make changes where necessary. Watch as your staff become more engaged, invested, and motivated.

Better Customer Experience

Happy staff go the extra mile to create happy customers. When your culture is great, it rubs off on others too.

Decrease Staff Turnover

Teams that vibe together, stay together. When you’ve got a rock-solid culture where staff trust, like, and are loyal to each other, your retention rate shoots through the roof.

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The only organizational culture assessment you’ll ever need

Understanding and diagnosing organizational culture doesn’t have to be a process clouded in ambiguity and uncertainty.

Using our Culture Assessment tools, you’ll be able to put your culture under a microscope and see with crystal clear clarity your culture’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral patterns.

From there, we can help formulate a plan of attack to bring your culture to tip-top shape so your organization thrives.


How our Organizational Culture Assessment works


Find Out Your Top Personal Values

Lay the foundation for you to start transforming your life. Figure out where you are and where you want to be, taking those from being two different things and making them one. Rise up and make things better for you, for your organization and for our whole field — THIS is where it all begins.

10 Minute Assessment Per Person

In just 10 minutes you can get instant feedback on your organizational culture using our simple assessment. Done on a phone or computer, the online assessment is the ultimate “game-changer” in understanding your culture.

Culture Plan Strategy

Within a week of closing the survey, we'll present the results via a video call. You’ll receive a step-by-step, strategic culture improvement plan that’s tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Each plan is also based on hard data and in-depth analysis.


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