Get deep insight into the state of your organization’s culture. Make practical changes to boost recruitment and retention.

Workforce Relief Bundle

The long-term solution for your recruitment and retention nightmare

With our Workforce Relief Bundle, go right to the source of your recruitment, retention, engagement, customer satisfaction, and occupancy struggles—your culture!

The Workforce Relief Bundle is both the diagnostic tool and the treatment, to uncover and finally fix the root cause of your workforce issues. The best part? I guarantee it costs just a fraction of what you are spending right now on overtime and agency.

Do you have the time, money, and resources to continue on this downward spiral, or are you ready to finally take control of your organization with this impactful and proven solution?

Nurses in a culture assessment

Baseline Culture Assessment

A diagnosis backed by data! Finally understand what’s driving your workforce challenges and clearly identify what you need to do next. Different from an engagement survey, the culture assessment tells you precisely why people want to or don’t want to work for you.

Fully Staffed Membership

The treatment plan for what's ailing your workforce. Once you know the disconnects that are driving your workforce turnover, you can watch short, on-demand videos that contain proven solutions to your problems, creating a truly customized and powerful experience. Just ten minutes a day to anchor change and impact all aspects of your business.

Follow-up Culture Assessment

See how the changes you’ve made are truly impacting your workforce. Be able to gauge your staffing initiative and see movement in the key areas you identified in your first Culture Assessment, and from there you will have guidance from our Culture Consultant on where to go next to continue the momentum.

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Get to the root cause of your workforce challenges

Understanding and diagnosing organizational culture doesn’t have to be a process clouded in ambiguity and uncertainty.

Using our Culture Assessment tools, you’ll be able to put your culture under a microscope and see with crystal clear clarity your culture’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral patterns.

From there, we can help formulate a plan of attack to bring your organization to tip-top shape, including a stable and engaged workforce.


How our Organizational Culture Assessment works


Find Out Your Top Personal Values

Lay the foundation for you to start transforming your life. Figure out where you are and where you want to be, taking those from being two different things and making them one. Rise up and make things better for you, for your organization and for our whole field — THIS is where it all begins.

Easy Online Assessment

A simple and quick online assessment your employees can take in 10-15 minutes that uncovers what's driving your workforce outcomes. It is the ultimate “game-changer” in understanding your culture.

Culture Strategy

You will get a live results overview with our Certified Organizational Culture Consultant. An in-depth analysis for your organization's unique results will be provided, complete with the tools to strategically make sustainable changes to your organizational culture.


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