You’ve Been Ghosted!

You’ve Been Ghosted!

Ghosting is a big problem right now in the senior living job interview scene. The definition is simply not showing up for an interview (or even a shift)! Can you imagine not showing up for something as important as a potential career opportunity?! Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times and very rude, I might add. 

A no-show or ghosted interview is a waste of time and money for an organization. Ghosting drags out the hiring process and delays filling those open positions. So, the turnover monster stays hungry and we keep feeding it time and money. 

To stop this problem, before it starts, you need to be the talk of the town.

Your exceptional culture (is it exceptional?) and why you are the best place out there for residents and staff, needs to blare on all possible outlets. Your website needs to scream it, your social media platforms need to scream it and most importantly, your people need to talk your organization up everywhere they go. All of this creates a groundswell of positivity around your organization. Soon enough, your interviews are coveted and your open positions have a wait list. (We’ve seen it happen!)

When that groundswell reaches your prospective interviewee they feel a swell of pride at the notion of interviewing with you and ghosting you becomes a crazy notion.

Even with all that good PR, you still need a simple idea to easily implement to make ghosting go away for good.

Texting to the rescue.

Anna Ronnebaum, Training and Development Manager at Chatham Oaks & Penn Center in Iowa, participated in Drive’s Recruitment and Retention Course where she picked up a helpful hint to address the ghosting issue they were facing in her organization. They had a frustrating 50% no show rate for interviews and that was WITH an email reminder. Sending a simple text message to applicants the day before the interview brought the ghosting down by 20%. Simply opening up another line of communication meant more advanced notice of cancellations and more discussions around the need for rescheduling. Better communication = a smoother, more successful recruitment and interview process.


All facets of this staffing crisis are exhausting! But, the good news is you are not alone! Just like we helped Anna bust the ghosts her organization was encountering, we can help you enhance your recruitment and retention efforts! Book a free 15-minute consultation with a Drive Recruitment Specialist by clicking here!


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