The BIG Question for Leaders!

The BIG Question for Leaders!

Most leaders feel that they need to have all the answers. Truth is, they are better off having the right questions. 
When approached with an issue, leaders usually go right into problem solving mode. They may ask a few cursory questions, but then quickly switch to finding a solution.

When I was an administrator, there were times I would literally bite my tongue to stop myself from blurting out my answer!

Take Action:  
Encourage independent thinkers! Challenge yourself to set aside your initial solution and open your mind to other’s opinions. 

The ultimate goal isn’t to have everyone part of every decision. Instead, you want staff members to feel ownership and engagement in the organization.  Now that’s culture change!

Go Inspire:
Focus on asking not just more questions, but GREAT questions.

What makes a great question?

  1. It has no hint of advice or judgment.
  2. It is asked from a place of genuine inquiry.
  3. It is posed with a sense of uncertainty in your own solution.

Asking the right questions, and genuinely listening to the answers you get, creates a culture of engagement and loyalty. What more could you ask for?


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