If You Can’t Trust Your Team, Guess What, They Don’t Trust You Either!

If You Can’t Trust Your Team, Guess What, They Don’t Trust You Either!

Why Trust Matters

Trust is essential to organizational success.  Low levels of trust are related to high stress, reduced productivity, lowered creativity and difficulty in decision making.  Distrust reduces employee morale, increases absenteeism and turnover.  High levels of trust increase employee morale, reduce absenteeism, promote innovation and help in adjustment to change.

What’s interesting is, some studies have shown that reciprocity is more significant than any other personality or situational factor.  If one believes that the other person is trustworthy, he or she will be more open as a result and act in a similar way.  When people perceive that their leaders trust them, they tend to reciprocate and increase their trust in the leaders.

We always say, if you treat people like a 10, they act like a 10.  If you treat people like a 1, then they will perform like a 1.  This is true when it comes to trust as well!  You’ll be creating a win-win situation.

Here are three C’s to get you on the road towards achieving a higher level of trust on your team.

  • Credibility
    • Be authentic and set the example
    • Manage expectations
    • Demonstrate professionalism and competence
    • Act with consistency and reliability
  • Control
    • Involve others in decision making
    • Focus on “we” more than me
    • Give credit where credit is do
    • Share work and delegate appropriately
  • Communication
    • Be transparent
    • Give and receive feedback
    • Ensure others are being heard
    • Speak with good purpose and the best intentions
  • Care
    • Show concern
    • Be genuine
    • Help others find success
    • Consider the strengths and interests of others

This article was written by Drive team member, Allison Duda.

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