Want to Attract More of the Right People in 2019?

Want to Attract More of the Right People in 2019?

Budget season is upon us and Drive too is planning for 2019 as we’re gearing up to launch a new and exciting program all about finding and keeping the right people.

Here is a sneak peek at some of what you can expect!  And the best part is, this sneak peek happens to be loaded with free ideas for creating your own strategy.

Awaken your team to see the possibilities and commit to taking action:

  • Dig into the true impact that recruitment is having on your organization – meaning how much time and money are you really wasting?
  • Help employees connect the dots between wanting to improve retention and the importance of focusing on employee engagement.
  • Discuss how organizational culture plays a role in finding and keeping the right employees.
  • Gain commitment – Your leadership team must value the importance of improving your culture and taking actions that will lead to more successful recruitment and better retention.

Assess what’s going well and what could be better:

  • How can you improve, if you don’t measure? Collecting and making time to review data is so important if you really want to improve. Here are just a few metrics that you might want to track: hiring times, number of referrals, turnover by department, hires by source, etc.
  • You’ll want to assess your culture to identify best practices and “what’s your secret sauce.”
  • Pretend you’re an outsider or better yet, have an outsider evaluate your current online and onsite application process.
  • If you were an applicant, how does your hiring process measure up to the place down the street?
  • With early turnover being a major problem, you’ll want to assess your current orientation & onboarding program.

Align where you are with where you want to be:

  • As a community you want to embrace the art of storytelling. By sharing stories which highlight your purpose you can improve engagement of both residents and staff, and attract new sales leads as well as potential new hires.
  • Take time to revamp your job ads which demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position and highlight your unique culture. Keep in mind you’ll want to cast a wider net to attract those outside our field.
  • Focus efforts on crafting the perfect interview questions that fit your culture and align with your values.
  • Tap into your own employees and enhance your referral program. Hint: It’s not just about referrals bonuses.
  • Create memorable moments though-out the recruitment, interview, hiring and orientation process.

Anchor your strategy by making it sustainable:

  • Ensure practices to engage employees are deliberately planned from Day 1 – Be more intentional!
  • Utilize techniques to create meaningful bonds with and between new employees.
  • Involve residents in the hiring process and improve engagement of current and future employees through participation in hiring – this not only can help engage new team members but also engaging residents.
  • Focus on growing your people – once you’re lucky enough to find the right people, remember that growing your people is a major contributor towards keeping them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the online program or want help executing some of these free tips click here.

This article was written by team member, Allison Duda. 

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