A quick recruitment trick to try

A quick recruitment trick to try

Remember the days when you used to complain about not being able to find the right candidates for your open positions? Those were the good ole days. 

There were actually people applying… right or not! 

While you have been tirelessly trying to staff and figure out where all the bonus, overtime, and agency money is going to come from, have you thought about this? 

What happens when all those additional unemployment checks stop rolling in and people actually have to look for a job? (Oh, the horror!) Is your organization going to be the one they come running to?


IF, and only if, your organization has created a place where people want to come to work.

Believe it or not, I know organizations who are not struggling much with staffing right now because of their fantastic culture. I even wrote about one such organization that has been winning awards in their community as “best employer” during the pandemic. They’ve even dropped their turnover during this time! 

This is the exact kind of organization that will have a line of applicants wrapped around the building when the bonus unemployment checks stop coming. 

A little help from a friend.

Since you are struggling like never before in your career, here’s one quick solution to immediately impact your recruitment efforts.

Reach out to people who turned down a job offer from you. Don’t know what to say? Try, “Hey, Sally Sue. I wanted to check in and see how you were doing in your new job. How are things going?” 

The absolute worst thing to happen? Sally Sue reports being happily employed with that OTHER company, but she leaves the conversation with a new and great impression of your organization. Clearly a win.

The absolute best thing to happen? Sally Sue tells you she’s not happy with her new job at Hannibal Lecter Industries. Turns out, something about her boss seems a bit… hmmm… off? She’s interested in talking to you again about a job at your fabulous place where new employees aren’t eaten alive. (See what I did there? OK, I promise no more Hannibal Lecter jokes!)

This works. No serial killer current boss required! I’ve had people hire caregivers and department heads using this idea. Before you say “No! This won’t work for me,” try and think about how you could adapt it so it WOULD work for you. 

In the next blog, I’ll share with you a recruitment tip that takes a bit longer to get going but will be so worth your effort in the end! If you don’t have months to wait and know that you need to do something about recruitment and retention NOW, click here to book a 15-minute FREE consultation call.




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