Why You Need to Make Summer Special

Why You Need to Make Summer Special

Summer Time Barbecues, Luau’s, Picnics and Outdoor Movies!

No matter if you’re 9 or 90 years old, for most of us summer is a special time of year.

For many people Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer, while others wait for the summer solace or declare the start of summer when children are officially out of school.  If you’re like me, the 4th of July signifies the true beginning of summer.  Vacations, barbecues, outdoor concerts, fireworks, baseball games, parades, and lots and lots of fun in the beautiful warm weather.

Remember the days of catching fireflies and searching for caterpillars?  Riding your bike as fast as you can to chase the ice-cream truck? The sound of lawn movers during the day and insects at night.


Some foods just taste better when you’re at a picnic: lemonade and sweet corn, watermelon or a perfect hot dog cooked just the way you like it.  As you sit outside barefoot with the evening breeze blowing across your face, the sun is cascading a beautiful purple hue throughout the sky.  You hear children off in the distance playing tag and you think, “I love summer.”

You have an important job! Make summer special.  

Honor your residents by finding out what is special to them during summer.  What are their favorite memories?  What do they most look forward to in the summer time? What new summer memories can you create together that can become a safe and pleasant memory to discuss when winter rears its head back around later in the year.  What music sparks summer time memories?

Recognize your staff by appreciating that summer is likely a special time of year for them too.  If you are planning a big special event for residents, invite employees to bring their families and/or perhaps allow an outside service to help manage the event so that staff have more time to socialize with each other and members of the community.  Your employees might need to worry about childcare during the summer time, or maybe they simply want to spend a little more time with their families or take a vacation.  Do your best to be flexible and recognize that they are creating special memories too.  How can staff support each other to make sure everyone enjoys their summer time?

Connect with your community this summer by learning about summer concerts, fireworks, parades, and other special summer activities.  Not only is it an opportunity to connect with your community, you may learn about additional trips for your residents or discounted tickets to offer to employees as a way to recognize those who go above and beyond.

No matter what you do be sure to honor everyone in a sincere and genuine way, this summer and always.  

This article was written by staff member, Allison Duda.


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