Why I’ll Never Look at a Plane the Same Way Again

Why I’ll Never Look at a Plane the Same Way Again

I write this as I sit on a piece of metal gliding gently through the air.

My plane thrust it’s way into the clouds just a few minutes ago. As a frequent flier this is a common occurrence for me. But apparently it wasn’t for the young girl sitting behind me.

A few seconds in to our flight, obviously tickled by her perch high above the ground, she gleefully yelled at the top of her lungs, “Woooooo! Yeah! We are in the air!!!”

Think about those words: “Woo! Yeah! We are in the air!”


Undeniably we were. I smiled, as did everyone in earshot. How could you not smile at that high-pitched declaration of this oh so obvious, but incredible, fact? We were in the air for goodness sake!

How could my fellow passengers and I not marvel at this incredible feat? When had something so incredible, a piece of metal containing lots of people and their treasured belongings floating through the air, become just the norm for all of us?

When did I stop thinking that a plane ride was worthy of shouting “Woo yeah” at the top of my lungs?

At what point did I start expending more brain power on the perfect order to place my items on the security belt and seeing how long I could get away with using my iPhone after the cabin doors had been closed?

How immune I had come to the fact that I am sitting aboard a piece of metal gliding through the air. Woo yeah indeed!

This innocent shout of glee started me thinking about what other woo yeah’s I had just gotten used to.

What I have just taken for granted not only in my life, but in my work? When was I just hurrying along when I should have been stopping to shout at the top o’ my lungs “WOO YEAH”?

A piece of metal flying through the air is a pretty amazing thing, so is the fact that I actually get paid to do work that I absolutely love. Holy cannoli! How many people are that lucky? For that I shout: “Woo Yeah!”

I get the unbelievable privilege to work and interact with so many incredibly talented people that want to make a real difference in resident’s lives. How amazing! To that I shout “Woo Yeah!”

I have the chance to inspire and lift up staff members that are so often overwhelmed with all the busyness of life. It makes me feel incredible. How have I forgotten to yell “Woo yeah” for that privilege?

I think it’s just insane that people all over the world read my little musings. I stress about grammar and content, and disregard the fact that somewhere across the globe someone is reading my words. Isn’t that mind-blowing? And so I holler, “Woo yeah!”


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