Touching the Sky at 96!

Touching the Sky at 96!

Touching the Sky at 96!


This is my Gram.


Just like me, she loves the feeling of putting the top down on the convertible and just going!

She’s 96 and lives at Wesley Village in Shelton, Connecticut, but on this particular day I swear she would have told you she was 18!

It was a sunny day in Connecticut.

Her and I had just spent the afternoon being part of the photo shoot for Wesley Village’s new website.

After the photo shoot we took a ride to get coffee.

On the way I threw my hands up into the air and  yelled, “Woo-hoo!”

Gram followed suit.

But she didn’t stop!


She yelled and hooted and hollered with her hands flying through the air the entire ride!

Hootin’ & Hollerin’

With the wind whipping through her normally perfect hair she turned to me and said,

“I feel like I’m driving through heaven.”

And that my friends is what summer is all about!

This will forever be a cherished memory of mine. What’s your favorite summer memory? 


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