The Scott Twins: 11 Years of the Blame Game

The Scott Twins: 11 Years of the Blame Game

My twin boys, Ryan and Dylan, turn 11 today.

In those eleven years they have mastered many things: walking, talking, reading and…blaming!

“I didn’t do it!” “I’m not sure how that happened!” “It was his fault!”


As I listened to them recently it struck me.

Their tendency is to place responsibility on any one or any thing BUT themselves.

It’s not so different from what many folks do when considering culture change.

I have encountered organizations from very small to very large.

In urban and in rural settings, with services ranging from extremely complex to uncomplicated.

Many embrace change, but many play the blame game.

“I’d like to do embrace person-centered care, but my situation is different. Unfortunately,_________

  • we are tight on funding and don’t have the money.”
  • the staff members have been here a long time and are set in their ways.”
  • we are busy getting ready for survey, but we will get to it after.”
  • the surveyors in our state are the worst and will never go for this!”

The only thing different about their situation is…they’d rather blame someone else than themselves!

Every organization IS unique.

At the same time, I have yet to encounter an organization that says they have more than enough staff, money or time to do everything they want to.

(If you find one, please be sure to give them my number.)

Somehow however, many organizations with challenges of their own are managing to work with what they have.

Thankfully, cutting edge organizations like these are the ones I get to work with.

They commit and see beyond the excuses.


They see the long-term value, and are recognizing real outcomes, from embracing transformational change.

I think this anonymous quote says it all, “If you can’t realize your ideal, idealize your real.”

So stop making excuses and just put an end to the blame game! 


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