The Little Strategy for Big Goals

The Little Strategy for Big Goals

Achieving organizational change can require massive time and effort, but the power of three makes achieving any sized goal possible with ease.

Paralysis. That’s my go-to strategy for big projects! 

I joke, but really, the Mount Everests in work and life have that effect! Where do we start? What the heck do we do? I see it all the time in my culture clients. They want to achieve great results, but they feel so overwhelmed with where to begin. Of course I help them slay their pie-in-the-sky goals, and I am going to help you do the same today!

The three MUST HAVES for any large organizational undertaking are a great team, data, and a 3×3 achievement strategy.

It’s how we set our culture clients up for success! We rally their team, review their Culture Values Assessment data, and we give them an easy-to-digest 3×3 achievement strategy driven by their data.

I want you to get in on the power of the 3×3 achievement strategy so you can check off your big, audacious organizational goals with more ease! It’s a strategy that breaks down three goals and three actions over the course of three months, empowering you to stay focused on your efforts and make sustainable progress through incremental change. Let’s get started!

Step 1 | Setting GOALS

The 3×3 achievement strategy is all about nurturing goals into existence. Little steps with the right amount of energy adding up to attainment, rounds of applause, and—this is critical for culture change—sustainability. 

It all starts with choosing which big goals to focus on. You need to make sure you’re crystal-clear with what these goals are and why you want to achieve them. Select the three most important campus-wide, department, area, or team goals that align with your larger organizational goals. 

Each goal needs to have a measurable outcome so you can track your progress. This is where your data comes into play. You can use Culture Values Assessment results, turnover data, occupancy, quality measures, performance measures, etc., as your measurable entity.

For our culture clients, we look at the data points from their Culture Values Assessment to determine their 3×3 goals. A value their employees want to experience more in their current culture, for example, is an impactful goal with a measurable outcome. 

Step 2 | Break ’em Down

The next step in the 3×3 process is to break each of your three big goals into three smaller goals. This makes the goal more manageable and much easier to achieve. Your team will be far more inspired to take these smaller steps, and keep the new habits they involve going, as they work toward the larger goal.

Step 3 | Give it time… and deliverables!

You want to plan for three months at a time with three deliverables or fewer per goal. Remember, we’re nurturing goals here! Be clear and detailed in your deliverables; productivity around each goal depends on it. Keep adding time and new deliverables as you need to keep forward momentum going until your goal is achieved.

In a 3×3 Nutshell

The 3×3 achievement strategy highlights how small, incremental change is the way to go for any organizational endeavor. It’s easier on your team and gives manageable flow to big projects, setting you up for success. 

Remember to:

  • Focus on three goals for your area that support the overall organizational goals
  • Create a measurable outcome for each goal 
  • Plan for three months at a time with three deliverables or fewer for each goal

Here’s a 3×3 achievement plan you can use to inspire the creation of your own! If you want to tackle culture change with bite-sized effort, let us know how we can help! Drop us a note at [email protected] to set up time to talk! 


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