The Culture Score

The Culture Score

The culture score

Culture = Money

If you’re doing it right.

But culture can also be a hefty financial drain. And there you are, left to spin your wheels and tinker around with a variety of random moving parts such as occupancy rates, employee engagement, and customer service, to no avail.

Meanwhile, the strongest driver of your business financials actually has nothing to do with business and it’s hiding right under your nose!

Culture is driving your business! I’d like to scream it from the mountaintops!

There’s nary a field more focused on people than senior living, and yet culture, which is all about your people and what they want from you, ends up on the cutting room floor of priorities.

Measuring culture is like herding cats.

The reason leaders don’t prioritize culture is they don’t quite understand how the heck to measure it or how to manage it.

When I learned a few years ago that you could measure culture, I thought it was the best thing since Spanx—and ironically, it’s proven to shape up culture even better than super-tight undergarments—and so I just had to bring it to senior living.

Drives’s Culture Assessment was born and since that time, we have accrued more data and insights on culture in senior living than any other organization in the world. And the type of data we can glean from measuring your culture has thrust what we can do for your culture into a whole other stratosphere.

And it just got bigger and better.

Introducing, The Culture Score

Profit margin. Occupancy. Quality Outcomes. 

What if I told you there is a new, delicious, meaty, and substantive number for you to obsess over, just like the numbers mentioned above, but this one has to do with your culture?

The culture score combines the essential drivers of a culture to provide a powerful indication of the health of your organization. It is an insightful, comprehensive, and actionable score that we use to create a Culture Plan designed just for you to get the kind of thriving culture that sets you apart from your competition.

This is wildly exciting stuff, says the culture nerd. But really, it is!

The culture score truly makes culture into a measurable and manageable entity. And unlike a lot of other data you may be able to get your hands on (ahem, engagement scores), this information has far-reaching impact, and you are going to want to actually do something with it. Your occupancy, your customer satisfaction, your turnover, and even your engagement, are tied to this culture score. And we know for sure that putting time, money, and energy behind improving your culture sets off a firestorm of improved outcomes with real money-making potential for your organization.

A culture worth celebrating.

You may be wondering, what does a good culture score look like? I need to mention here that almost everyone thinks their culture is good.

We. Hear. It. All. The. Time.

It’s the easiest assumption to make, but it’s guesswork that can end up holding your organization back from being its best. The truth is, the average culture score in senior living is 56, so good in this field feels a lot like mediocre.

Our client, Mary Wade in New Haven, Connecticut, also suspected their culture was “good,” but what sets them apart from other organizations is they wanted to find out for sure. So they engaged us to measure their culture through our Culture Assessment. We found that Mary Wade wasn’t just good, they had real reason to celebrate.

Their score? 86.

It’s the highest we have ever seen. It’s higher than 71% of other companies in the world and 68% higher than other healthcare organizations.

They don’t just have a good culture, or even an enviable culture. Mary Wade can say outright they have one of the strongest cultures on the planet. Think about that; one of the strongest organizational cultures, and they are a senior living organization. 

Mary Wade suspected they were pretty good, learned they are one of the best, and still want to get better. They are the exact kind of organization we need more of in this field. With Drive’s Culture Assessment and customized Culture Plan, plus their hard work and dedication, Mary Wade will stay on top.

Not just good, but great.  

Raising the bar, prioritizing culture, and setting the pace for others to follow.

If you are interested in learning what your culture score is, let us know! We would love to have the opportunity to test your culture out and help you become your best!


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