The Biggest Business Myth and How to Avoid it

The Biggest Business Myth and How to Avoid it

The business myth most senior living leaders believe and why this outdated idea is holding you back from lasting success, plus an exciting announcement.

It’s time to shatter the misconception holding aging service leaders back: the belief that investing in culture isn’t “worth it”.

But here’s the truth: Culture is the key to ALL outcomes. 

Your organization can have the heart of a senior living provider AND the culture of a world-class business leader. 

Imagine you’re at the helm of an aging service organization with the beating heart of compassion, and the indomitable spirit of a global business titan. You’re on the brink of a thrilling revelation – culture, the secret weapon to your success, is about to take center stage with the launch of Drive’s brand new World’s Best Culture Certification!

Think about a workspace where your team doesn’t just exist, but thrives. Where accountability isn’t a chore, but a mantra. Where a sense of belonging isn’t a bonus, but a given. 

Drive’s World’s Best Culture Certification is a salute to those aging services organizations that dare to ascend, crafting an exceptional environment for their workforce like no other.

It all starts with our in-depth Culture Values Assessment, a deep dive into the essence of your organization, offering invaluable insights and charting out a path for growth.

What sets Drive’s certification apart from the rest? A colossal database with a quarter of a century worth of data, and a staggering 4 million assessments from the globally acclaimed Barrett Values Centre, including companies such as Mastercard, CocaCola, Prudential, Wegmans, PWC, and Volvo.

Ready to boost your organization’s reputation and take your lead in the field? Let’s kick off this culture revolution together!

Don’t miss this chance to maximize your workplace culture. Contact Drive today.

I cannot wait for your organization to boast proudly that YOU have a World’s Best Culture!



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