That fearless leader is you.

That fearless leader is you.

That fearless leader is you

This is the time for exemplary leaders to shine

Step up, be brave, and lead with compassion. Your residents are scared, their families are scared, and your staff is scared. Hell, you are scared. In the middle of the disinfecting, the sanitizing, and the preparation, with phones no doubt ringing off the hook and supplies dwindling, the exemplary leader will be drawing from a stoic reserve of calm. 

You may not have imagined this exact scenario panning out, because let’s be honest, this feels a bit unreal, a bit like a zombie apocalypse, but you have honed your leadership skills for moments like this. Worst case scenario moments. 

You know your team is committed and engaged. They love working for you, and they love their residents. As a collective, you know what you must do; the goal is clear, and it’s all (aggressively washed) hands on deck. This commitment is no accident. It’s because of you. 

You have inspired this shared vision of safety and health and happiness for all who have a stake in your organization. You have joyfully enlisted others in your quest to achieve that end, and they have risen to the call. You have encouraged the heart in your community, and through that heart, team members and residents have been able to thrive. You have led with your values and by your earnest example. And you have challenged the process along the way to make sure your residents and staff have the best opportunities to be well and to be fulfilled.

This type of cohesion and unity is not a pipe dream. There are badass leaders all over senior living who make it happen, with or without a global pandemic. If you are reading this and doubting your place among them, push those negative thoughts aside. 

We believe in you. You have what it takes to make a difference in lives today. Now is the time to believe in yourself.


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