Solved! Your lurking culture mystery.

Solved! Your lurking culture mystery.

Back in the day if you had a mystery you would call the Scooby Doo Detective agency. The mystery machine would pull up with a screach and the gang would jump out with their magnifying glasses and “JINKIES!”, the mystery would be solved in minutes! Oh so easy.  

Your Culture Mystery.

In senior living and so many other fields the mystery is culture, that esoteric entity set way above our heads like the Apple Cloud. How do we reach it? Touch it? Good grief, how do we fix it? Ghostbusters maybe?

That mysterious entity is holding you back from reaching your organizational goals and your full potential. It’s causing you to waste time and money on bandaids and temporary fixes. It’s the elephant in the board room as you wrack your collective brain.

“Why aren’t we successful?” 

At Drive we have been able to solve this mystery using a tool that has largely been reserved for corporate America and not used in senior living. Call us the Nancy Drew of senior living with our trusty Barretts Value Assessment by our side!

The Barretts Value Assessment allows us to quantify your culture, that’s right we can now measure your culture! The assessment is among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostic tools available and we have it and you need it!  

As you know, what you measure, you can manage!

Through the use of a simple, 10-minute online survey, team members will share what’s important to them, how they experience your current culture, and how they’d like it to improve for tomorrow.  

What differentiates the Barretts data from other failed and frustrating fixes you’ve tried is that you’ll actually use this information! You will have in depth conversations with team members around key values and you will be able to identify both disconnects and areas where you are doing great as an organization!  

The Drive Team does not simply give you a print out of your results and wish you well. We work with you to analyze the data and customize a plan to get your values aligned. Using the customized step-by-step plan we create for you, you will be able to address the culture challenges you once thought were impossible to tackle!

Don’t see the need to fix your culture?

Ever start a new process or change in your organization and 6 months later it quickly falls apart? The reason is culture! Once you identify and fix the flaws in your culture you are freed up to start those great initiatives you had planned for your teams and those initiatives will have the impact you intend for them to have! You will also be able to better understand engagement survey feedback and use that information to motivate your people. 

The ultimate goal for using this innovative tool is to keep your organization filled with people who are contributing their best and to limit wasteful squandering of precious resources like your time and money! 

“At CLC we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our culture and believe strongly that to be the best we can be, it’s important to constantly challenge ourselves. We found the cultural values assessment data to be deeper than just measuring engagement. It was fascinating to get an actual measurement of our culture. This experience has shone a light on the “what” and the “why” of our culture, and the “how” has also become much clearer.”
            -Camille Burke, COO, Christian Living Communities

If you’re interested in solving the mystery of culture in your organization contact the Drive Team, Culture Detective Agency! (ok, we know it’s corny!)


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