Shrewd leaders. Legacy builders. Dreamers.

Shrewd leaders. Legacy builders. Dreamers.

The very best leaders are a little risky and have big dreams. And they inspire the heck out of their teams.

This week I listened to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” address. A speech that, though less than eighteen minutes long, managed to inspire countless people.

I find it truly amazing that despite such a dim reality, King refused to accept the status quo.

Refusal to accept the status quo… Most leaders could learn from this message.
What about YOU?

Are you a victim of regulations, budget cuts, and other challenges? 
Has your staffing shortage held your energy and enthusiasm hostage for too long?
Or have you created a clear vision of a better tomorrow that inspires and motivates your team?

I have found that the leaders who do the most complaining about regulations, budgets, etc. are usually the ones with the worst outcomes. Their satisfaction scores, census, and revenue may be acceptable but certainly not exceptional.

They tell me how culture change is just a nicety that isn’t necessary. And I can almost see the bubble over their head stating “She has no sense of reality” when they talk to me.

And then there are leaders, who are faced with the exact same issues, who manage to create a positive vision for their team. They realize there are challenges, but to accept the status quo is unacceptable. They rise above instead.

They are great leaders because they have a dream of a better tomorrow. The proof comes in higher satisfaction scores, minimal turnover, a waitlist of job applicants, a stronger reputation in the community, a higher census, better clinical outcomes, etc. 

Take Action

In a study done by Kouzes and Posner, tens of thousands of workers were asked, “What do you look for and admire in a leader?” A whopping 72% said that after honesty, their highest requirement was that the leader be forward-looking.

Great leaders have a vision that inspires. No, not the boring vision statement hanging in the lobby, but a dream that creates a rallying cry for the team.


Unhappy with your current reality? Then do something to change it.

  • Paint a clear picture of what a better tomorrow will look like and share it with the team. Make it so understandable that they can envision it themselves.
  • Ask your team members what their personal hopes are for the future. They want to know how the organization’s objectives will support their dreams and how they in turn can support the organization.
  • Constantly communicate and keep the vision in front of your team. Most importantly, don’t just speak it; model it.
  • Join Fully Staffed where soon we will delve into being Mission Focused as our monthly topic, with sure-fire ways you can support your organizational dream becoming a reality!

So, are you a complacent leader on cruise control or do you have a dream?

What vision are you and your team working toward? Or do you think all this is just a bit too much like a dream? I want to hear from YOU!



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