Rev Up Your Hiring Practice

Rev Up Your Hiring Practice

Culture fit is not the only factor to consider when hiring the right people, but it sure is important if you want to have kind, caring and engaged employees.  Here are three best practices that will drive your current hiring practices forward:

Form a Hiring Committee that Includes Employees and Residents

Who better to evaluate a potential new team member than a resident, or a trusted team member?  Residents and/or team members can help you in your screening process.  If they don’t pass the resident test then it’s probably a safe assumption that they lack certain skills when it comes to good customer service, including being approachable and having a positive mindset towards their work.

Create a List of Skills and Attributes that Fit Your Culture

There are many technical skills that might be required for a particular job, but all too often employers are not checked for culture-fit attributes.  Here are a few of our favorites along with corresponding sample interview questions:

Positive Attitude

  • What are the most positive aspects of your previous work environment?
  • What is the single most important factor that must be present in your work environment for you to be successful and happy?

Successful Team Building

  • What is your preferred work style – do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?
  • How would your former coworkers describe your work style?

Developing a Rapport with Managers

  • How have you worked best with past managers?
  • Describe the management style that motivates you and inspires you to do your best work.

Utilize Value Based Interview Questions

What better way to find the right employees then to align them with the company’s existing values!?  Employees whose personal values fit with the organizations connect them to the mission.  Recently while working with one of our clients, Functional Pathways, we created a resource that focused on their own company values.

Try using this resource to create your own Value Based Interview Questions.

This article was written by staff member Allison Duda.

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