Person-Centered Care: Why You Need To Embrace It & How to Get Started

Person-Centered Care: Why You Need To Embrace It & How to Get Started

From CMS to industry magazines, there is a lot of emphasis about implementing person-centered care. As there should be!

Person-centered care can support a more meaningful life for your residents. And in addition to improving resident, staff and family satisfaction, it can improve your financial and clinical outcomes, too.

Person-Centered Care is a Necessity Being Driven by Consumers & Regulators
Eager to get started? Check out Death By Policy and ask yourself if your organization is stifling instead of supporting resident choice.

Tt’s important to embrace a culture of change. How can you challenge the current thinking of residents, staff and yourself? Read How to Stir Blood and find out!

Person-centered care is implemented and sustained by engaged employees that can think independently. Are you encouraging ownership and engagement in your organization? Read The BIG Question for Leaders.

Still need some innovation inspiration? Check out How YOU can Foster Innovation.

For further reading to actualize person-centered care: 

Denise Boudreau-Scott is a co-author on this extensive guide: The Long-Term Care Improvement Guide.


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