One Way to Completely Meet Your Goals

One Way to Completely Meet Your Goals

Often, the momentum of a New Year fizzles out amidst the busy first weeks of the year.  To keep that from happening, I recently gave some thought to three questions with our team here at Drive. (If you want to do the same with your team, the questions we used are at the end of this email!)
A Trick to Make it Stick
It’s been said that one way to help new habits stick, and completely meet your goals as a result, is choosing a “Word of the Year” so we thought we’d try it!  After reviewing all we wanted to accomplish, the word came easily to us:


We are committed to have it bleed into everything that we do. We want it to help build on the strong relationships we have with our clients.  We are dedicated to making “connection” our mantra for 2019. 
So, what does that mean for you?
Each quarter we will roll out a new initiative that will increase our connection with our clients.  During the first quarter, we’re going to focus on reporting bi-weekly activity to our clients that we work with monthly. And as part of our genius plan, from our last email you know that we’ve hired the amazing Christine Sargent as our Customer Success Specialist. 
If you work with us monthly, she’ll be providing to you, in a quick to read overview, how we are helping drive outcomes through culture in your organization!  You can expect to see these reports beginning in February. 

If you aren’t working with us, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today!  You don’t want it to be ending 2019 with even worse turnover and higher staffing costs!
In the coming months, we will also formulate more ways to increase our connection with you as a reader and tap into Christine’s fabulous background in customer service and culture.  (She’s so perfect for this role it’s seriously like she fell down from heaven onto our doorstep!)  We want to be sure we continue to add value and provide you with the best tools for driving outcomes!   
What’s Your Word?
Every word has a story. Our story is above. Now we challenge you!  What’s your word for 2019?  What do you want your story to be for the rest of the year?  Here are three questions to get the conversation started with your team:  

  • What’s our purpose and are we acting on it?
  • What qualities or values do we want to focus on?
  • What do we want to highlight and what challenge do we want to overcome?

Pop us an email and we’ll let you know if the work we do might be a fit for helping your organization focus on the above questions!

The Drive team


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