It’s Time to Be An Aging Services Maverick

It’s Time to Be An Aging Services Maverick

All “good things” must come to an end. Which is fine when they are being replaced with something way better! 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been telling you that we’re adding another tool to our tool kit for you. It’s another step in our big hairy audacious goal to revolutionize aging services. 

You told us that even “average” turnover is unacceptable and that you want to stop the bleed. You got it. You told us that you want to flat out win the contest for the best talent out there? You got it. With our new tool, we’re helping you do all of this. 

It’s a monumental day for us at Drive as we say hello to the future of aging services and goodbye to old school cultures that suffocate and repel the best talent. It was never a “good thing” but it MUST come to an end.

The official launch of our newest tool, the Barrett Values Assessment is here! The tool isn’t so new to the rest of the world, but it’s rarely used in aging services and that’s about to change for some of the most forward-thinking organizations in our field.


The Barrett Values Assessment actually measures your culture! As in an actual, specific number. If you think that is as impossible as I did the first time I heard about it a few years back, think again! The assessment is among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostic tool available. And as you know, what you measure, you can manage!

Through the use of a simple, 10-minute online survey, team members will share what’s important to them, how they experience your current culture, and how they’d like it to improve for tomorrow. Not to mention, you can actually now measure the hard work that your leadership team is doing to improve the culture! 

The average leader wants to just hang a poster on the wall that talks about values, but doesn’t want to really know if the organization is truly living them. But since when are you average?  


As a leader, you probably measure and manage outcomes because they are important! But beneath those outcomes are values and beliefs: the components of your culture that make a real difference between success and failure. And those components are impacting all of those tangible outcomes!

The Drive Team does not simply give you a print out of your results and wish you well. We work with you to analyze the information and customize a plan to get your values aligned. The ultimate goal is to keep your organization filled with people who are contributing their best! 

The Barrett Values Assessment results won’t sit collecting dust on a book shelf along with your other failed and frustrating organizational “fixes”. (If that’s your norm, please don’t waste our time or yours.) You’ll use the information you learn to have in depth conversations with team members around key values. These conversations, along with the customized, step-by-step plan we create for you, will help address the culture challenges you once thought were impossible to tackle.


Maybe it’s how the assessment works or perhaps you have questions about a current culture challenge you are having and how the Barrett Values tool can help. Contact us and have your questions answered by one of our certified Barrett Values Consultants! We’ll help you figure out if the assessment is a fit for your organization or not…because one thing we know for sure is, this ain’t for everyone! 

We are committed to your success.

Have any questions? Contact us.

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