Ignite your passion in 3…2…1!

Ignite your passion in 3…2…1!

We talk a lot about purpose here at Drive, but what about the other P

Passion— as in, what stirs your soul? 

If you’re on the quest for purpose, you’ve got to get to know your passion—what your soul is desperate—first. Passion is that inner fire that propels you forward, infusing specific topics, hobbies, and even work tasks with deep enthusiasm. It springs from your innate talents, driving youeffortlessly and without the weight of stress.

Consider: What lights you up? What activities bring you joy and fulfillment? Your passion is yourunique fingerprint, a reflection of your individuality. Yet, it can be distilled into six core types:

  1. Spreading joy to others
  2. Mastering skills with finesse
  3. Performing with heartfelt gusto
  4. Innovating and creating with boundless imagination
  5. Seeking knowledge and growth
  6. Making a positive impact on lives

Now, take a moment to reflect: What truly inspires you? Dive deep into self-discovery to uncover yourcore truths. What values do you hold dear? (You can explore what your top values are with this free and quick assessment. Use the password Drive.) Where do you find your sense of ease and alignment? Acknowledge your strengths and the moments that fill you with pride. 

Your passion serves as your guiding light, leading you toward fulfillment and purpose.
 Infuse it into your work, filling every task with meaning and significance. While every day may not be filled with excitement, infusing your job with your personal passion ensures deeper satisfaction and alignment. You have the power to share your passion through teaching, volunteering, creative expression, and everyday actions. And that is a beautiful thing. Keep nurturing that flame by staying open to growth, weaving it into your daily life, fearlessly advocating for what you believe in, and allowing it to fuel you to overcome any obstacle in your way.



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