If we left you hanging yesterday…

If we left you hanging yesterday…

Yesterday we explored the hard questions around retaining quality employees in senior living.  And boy did that resonate with lots of you!  The emails flooded in!  “Right on!”  “We live and breathe this every day but it’s great to read this reminder!”

Then there was the email, “Great article, but what if people don’t know how to find and keep the right people?”  We agree!  We know you know (say that 3 times fast!) who should be in this field: the empathetic, caring, and hardworking.

But how do you do it?

It’s daunting to think about attracting people to aging services, but we have found so many solutions to this dilemma that we literally wrote a book about it! (More on that later!)

For now we will leave you with 3 simple ideas you can implement today to improve your employee retention. And the best part? 

They don’t cost a thing!

1. One free intervention is consistent assignment, the practice of nurturing relationships with residents and co-workers by consistently assigning team members to the same area.  Research shows implementing it can reduce turnover by 32 percent and absenteeism 41 percent! Click here to see Vince Slaugh, Drive’s Staffing Analytics Advisor, discuss the analytics behind consistency of care.

2.  Another free intervention? Communicate with staff! Don’t just talk TO them, but listen to them. Before you jump to respond “We already do that,” I will share that in my experience it is the very rare organization that this is actually happening. Thoughtful listening demonstrates respect. You thinks it’s happening, but I’d guarantee your team members probably feel very differently.   

3.  Change your own perspective. How do you view your team members? Do you assume that they’re ready to “jump ship” at the first opportunity, or do you operate from the assumption that the team shows up to work each day with the intention of doing their very best? Your belief in someone is conveyed through your actions, words and mannerisms. Try believing in your people, they will feel it! This one attitude shift could work wonders!

Super simple, right?  If you find this information useful share with a colleague or on social media! Let’s get the word out about simple changes and big results!


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