“Hell yes!” or “Hell no!”

“Hell yes!” or “Hell no!”

I have a question to ask you and I want your gut reaction.  No over-analyzing allowed!

Would you choose to live in your nursing home or assisted living?

What was your answer?

Was it a sheepish “yes”…mostly because you felt like you had to say it? Or maybe an honest, “Never!”

Now, let me ask you this…


Did you feel like answering the question by shouting, “HELL YES!”?

Somehow I doubt it. And I sort of think that stinks!

I get it. I know it’s not realistic to think that you would get so excited to live in your nursing home or assisted living that you would yell “HELL YES!”

But stop for a minute and think.

What if this statement was your filter for leading your organization?

What if you asked yourself before any project or decision, “Is this going to support us being a “HELL YES” community?”

When we think about making such a drastic change as creating a community people actually WANT to live in, most of us react in one of two ways. Either:

  1. We become overwhelmed and do nothing. We have no idea where to start or what the next step should be. It’s all too much to think about so we give up before we even begin! Or
  2. We start implementing programs fast and furiously.  One new program followed by another. They might be great ideas, but without a foundation of engaged staff members they quickly fall apart.

But….there is another choice!

One simple approach that can help you actually move to a “Hell Yes!” community in no time.

If it isn’t a HELL YES…then it’s a no.

Focus on people before programs!

That one shift in your approach to any and all programs you try to implement will make all the difference!

It will allow you to inspire, rather than force change. It will motivate your staff to want to improve, rather than force them to comply. It will have people thinking on their feet, rather than running to you for every problem.

Focusing on staff and engaging them in their work creates a culture in which they in turn engage residents.

And that will make all the difference in how your residents experience life at your community.

Not how they are cared for or how they are served. But how they are living!

Because being “cared for” and “served” are nice…but they don’t create an experience worthy of a “HELL YES!” 

So many people talk about the importance of the patient or resident experience, yet very few are actually doing anything about it.

Maybe some of your ideas don’t seem realistic. And they certainly won’t be easy to implement.

Know that the effort is worth it. For you, for your staff, and for your residents.

Being honored, respected, encouraged, challenged, supported…and yes a bit pampered…those make ME want to scream, “HELL YES!”

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