Download Our Free Resource! How Employee Engagement Impacts Recruitment & Retention

Download Our Free Resource! How Employee Engagement Impacts Recruitment & Retention

A big thank you to ASHA for inviting Denise Boudreau-Scott, President of Drive, to facilitate a round-table discussion with Greg Roderick, President of Frontier Management, at their annual meeting in January 2017.

The round table topic focused on how employee engagement impacts recruitment and retention.  At the end of the discussion we asked attendees to share the most valuable idea they learned.  Download the list of ideas by clicking here.

After reading the list, challenge yourself and your team further and reflect on the the round-table’s discussion questions that included:

  1. Imagine you improved your turnover rate by 50% in response to employee engagement improving. What impact would that have on your: Company? Residents? Team Members? Bottom line?
  2. Our industry spends money on all sorts of things to increase census (building improvements, marketing, etc.) We rarely put the same investment into creating a better culture to retain team members. Why and what can we do about it?
  3. One of your communities has consistently high turnover, low morale, and difficulty recruiting, but the census is stable. What do you do?

We can do better than 40% turnover, which is the average in our field!  This does not have to be our norm!

Did you read Denise’s brief which addressed the staffing crisis? Download it and share it with your teams.


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