Don’t Set More Goals Without…

Don’t Set More Goals Without…

Chances are you set some goals for 2013. You probably sat with a group of managers and made a list of items you’d like to work on in 2013.

From that list you spent a significant amount of time figuring out what the priorities are, because there is never enough time or money to do it all.

BUT…did you spend equal amount of time gathering feedback on all that you and your staff accomplished in 2012? As you thought about moving forward, did you reflect on the successes that your team achieved? Or, the challenges that you faced and how you overcame them?


Looking back on what you have accomplished is equally important because it:

•  helps to create a sense of pride. People at every level (yes even you!) need to know that their work has made a difference.  A list of achievements is written proof!

•  makes the next project easier because it creates momentum. It is easier to take on a new challenge when there is a success to build upon.

•  supports the sustainability of your achievements. While taking the time to reflect on what the successes were in 2012, you may recognize that something is not getting the attention it still needs.

Don’t set another goal in your organization before looking at all of your accomplishments!

Take Action
There is no doubt that goals are strong motivators, but instead of focusing only on what has yet to be accomplished, look at the successes that have already been experienced. It helps keep people motivated towards obtaining those new goals.

Take the time to reflect:

  • Inventory:  Ask employees to share their accomplishments from the past year. Encourage teams, committees, and departments to collaborate on this feedback. Accomplishments could include anything from eliminating an unnecessary form to creating a whole new program.
  • Share:  Compile a list of all the successes and share it with the entire staff. You will all be amazed at what you have accomplished as a team.  In fact, clients I have worked with have created lists of hundreds of accomplishments!
  • Celebrate:  Find a meaningful way to celebrate all that you have achieved! Most people can use a boost during post-holiday time period. Create a fun way to honor all the hard work!

My favorite part of writing Ideas to Inspire is hearing from YOU! Have you already created a list of accomplishments? What were some highlights? If you haven’t done this yet, tell me what you are planning to do!


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