Can you really change your EQ?

Can you really change your EQ?

Can you really change your EQ

Emotional intelligence has been lauded as the future of leadership, the most desirable leadership tenet, and the number one predictor of professional success and personal excellence.

Something as profound and transformative as this requires an expert touch.

The Power of EQ Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process used to support people in creating positive change in their lives. Most coaching programs are performance-based and focus on learning worthy skills such as time-management, public speaking, communication, conflict resolution, etc.

In our last blog, we introduced the concept of emotional intelligence and why it is so very important for leaders to explore and enhance their EQ. With the addition of Veronica Barber to the Drive team, we are now able to provide emotional intelligence (EQ) coaching, which enables leaders to go deeper than traditional coaching to also explore what drives them and what fears are holding them back.
EQ coaching turns emotional intelligence theory into practice for your personal and professional life. (If you need a little reminder of what emotional intelligence is – It’s the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions, which is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others.) As a certified EQ practitioner and assessor, Veronica Barber provides a practical and simple way to learn and practice emotional intelligence in daily life.

With EQ coaching, you can discover how, by utilizing your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a purposeful way, to live a more satisfying and impactful life, with better personal and professional outcomes. You can finally uncover the patterns or habits that are holding you back, and through generative presence-based practices, begin to create new, more effective ways of engaging in the world. 
EQ coaching is unique in that it starts with the premise that “wisdom lies within” and so you will not be told what to do or think. Instead, you will discover for yourself who you are and who you want to be. It’s a true journey of self-observation and self-reflection that will offer you the answers you seek!

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The EQ coaching process utilizes practical tools and assessments to provide the opportunity and metrics for sustainable growth. Through this journey, you will identify your brain style, brain talents, and EQ competencies, and learn how to best utilize emotional intelligence in your everyday life.

Leaders experience incredible transformation during this type of work. Growing your EQ competencies and setting new goals have the potential to create a more satisfying and impactful life for you, complete with better personal and professional outcomes!


Veronica Barber is a truly gifted addition to our team. She brings with her the unique combination of robust senior living and healthcare experience and expertise in organizational development, culture, and talent management. 
In addition to having worked in the healthcare and aging services for more than 30 years, she functioned at an executive level, in both HR and operational roles, for more than half of those years. Within those roles, she did remarkable things with staff retention rates, engagement, turnover, quality outcomes, and satisfaction results for employees, residents, and family members. She truly understands the struggles that leaders in healthcare face, and she knows what it takes to be successful in this line of work.

Veronica’s executive consulting and coaching practice began in 2013, and she has since helped numerous leaders and organizations to improve their performance with guided transformative approaches that work. Veronica is a promoter of presence-based leadership, life-enriching work, and healthy organizational change. She is a certified EQ practitioner and assessor, and is currently pursuing an additional EQ coaching certification to support her consulting and executive coaching practice.  

In addition to being formerly licensed as a nursing home administrator, she is a national speaker, a university lecturer, and has a doctorate in executive leadership with a concentration in organizational change. She also has a master’s in health services management and a bachelor’s in mathematics. (Yes, we agree – she is remarkable!!!)

What can Veronica and EQ coaching do for you? The possibilities are truly endless! Get started on your EQ journey and reach out to Veronica TODAY!

EQ Coaching Packages and Pricing

Option A: (16-week engagement; 8 coaching sessions)                                  Total Cost = $2,500
· $300 per weekly coaching session
· $100 for initial assessment

Option B: (26-week engagement; 13 coaching sessions)                                Total Cost = $3,750
·  $275 per weekly coaching session
·  $200 for initial and post assessments


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