A Lesson in Change from an Unlikely Source

A Lesson in Change from an Unlikely Source

“It is with great excitement and joy I am honored to share these photos with you today! Below is a report from Dr. Patrick and pictures of Well #150!”

Today I’m sharing with you my personal journey to receiving that email and the curious way that it connects to what I teach: How do you inspire people to change AND get them to take action? Stick with me and read to the end to see how it all connects!

Well #150, which is referred to in the above email, is a clean water well that I sponsored in Uganda. (Actually my clients sponsored it because it was their business that made it possible!)


Of course because anything I’m involved in just has to have a tad bit of drama mixed in for good measure, the happy email about the well also revealed this little tidbit:

“Thank you for your patience with building this well. Unfortunately the spring for the well ran dry and so it had to be rebuilt. This is the only time this has ever happened. The well is now rebuilt.”

WHAT?! Yes out of the 150 wells they have built only ONE has had to be rebuilt. Guess who’s that would be? (For you nerds like me, that would be a .6% chance of happening!)

But nonetheless it was built, or I should say rebuilt, and the next words that were written were from Dr. Patrick,

“These are photos for well #150 called Kirya Well, serving a population of about 1,500 people. The community is very grateful for the clean water provided. Blessings.”

The email message wrapped up with,

“Our prayer is that sharing your story will encourage and show God’s love to someone else.”

So here I am doing as I was told, and sharing my journey. Not because I follow direction well, heaven knows that’s not true, but because hearing someone else’s story inspired me and I want to continue the chain reaction.

My Enchanted Journey

I “met” Nikki Elledge Brown via an online community of entrepreneurs and was inspired by her story of funding wells for Holden Uganda, an organization founded by a couple that wanted to honor their stillborn child. Like Nikki, I have a business beyond what I could have dreamed of, and her story moved me to share some of my blessings.

I felt really passionate about giving after reading Nikki’s story, yet I didn’t take action. (Remember that fact…it’s important.)

A month later, I was driving home from a client and reflecting on how grateful I was for the work I get to do. (Seriously, I get to work with some amazingpeople!) As I was flipping radio channels I landed on NPR. They were featuring a story regarding the importance of donating to charities that save lives through simple means.

Coincidence? I think not.

They were discussing organizations that support very basic needs that sadly people die from everyday. Needs like clean water. They shared numbers and facts. Facts such as one in five children in the world under age five dies because of water-related diseases. (Note that second important fact.)

People are dying from a problem that I have the ability to help with. I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind.

I had lots of things I wanted to spend my hard-earned money on. Practical things like investing in my business and my kids’ college funds, and impractical things like my Corvette fund. (Which by the way has a zero balance right now because of the practical things.)

But I knew what I had to do. I went home and went right to the Holden Uganda website. In virtually one click I was able to donate. (Last of the important facts!)
Applying it to Your Work


When I speak to groups about getting people to change I passionately emphasize the importance of reaching both the heart and the mind, while making it easy to implement the change. The trifecta of change: heart, mind, hands!

If you had asked me last year if I’d be funding a well in Africa I would have snickered at your peculiar statement. Build a well in Africa? How bizarre.

But alas…the trifecta of change magically charmed me into it!

Think about those important facts above: One person inspired me with her story (heart), facts on NPR convinced me it made sense (mind) and finally Holden Uganda made it easy to donate via their website (hands). Remember, I did not take action until all three of those parts came together. When they did…abracadabra!

You, my friend, have the ability to enchant people in your own organization with the trifecta of change!*

AND I just know that you are also blessed with the ability to give, in your own personal way, to the organization that speaks to your heart.

When you do either, remember Dr. Patrick’s words,

“Our prayer is that sharing your story will encourage and show God’s love to someone else.”

*Warning: Use the power of enchantment with caution; it’s an extremely powerful tool.


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