Why is culture any different?

First, you’ll measure your culture through an assessment. Yes, you just read the words measure and culture in the same sentence. Measure…as in an actual number that represents how your culture is actually performing! Just like you know your bottom line number at the end of the month. You’ll know whether your culture is unconditionally supporting your goals or if it’s exposing your organization to the bleeding of dollars.

What do you do with all of that information? You claim the right to have a well-respected, highly profitable organization by putting into place a strategic culture plan. The plan will lead you step-by-step from a “good” culture to your ideal one.

This plan that has all the things leaders love: hard data, in-depth analysis and step-by-step suggestions around how to improve your organization’s culture. We make it so darn easy to begin your culture makeover that you are empowered to start and see it through, following this custom plan.

Finally, you’re truly in the driver’s seat. You hit the gas. You’re speeding towards your goals.

You can pull up in a bright, red Ferrari, or wind up stalled on the side of the road in a banged up, hand-me-down clunker.

Culture is the vehicle that gets you where you want to be.

Drive has more data and insights on measuring senior living culture than any other organization in the world. We were working on culture before it was cool.

We’re the Ferrari of senior living culture.