Assess 10-20



The Why:

When employees perform at their highest level, organizational targets and concrete goals become an attainable outcome. Research shows there are numerous benefits when you focus on improving the patient, resident and staff experience.

  • Increased Census
    9% higher


  • Increased Revenue 
    11.43 per resident per day


  • Decreased Turnover 
    Engaged employees =
    50% less turnover


  • Improved Outcomes
    Stronger reputation

The How:

At DRIVE, we use a four-step approach to organizational development that will excite and inspire a transformation within your organization.  We motivate others to embrace the possibilities within themselves and align their strengths and values with organizational goals to help create an environment of strong leaders and engaged employees.  It is a solution that works. Our unique system for enhancing the resident and staff experience focuses on four areas:

  • Awaken: Reflect on each
    person’s contribution
    to organizational culture


  • Assess: Review strengths,
    identify opportunities

  • Align: Ensure processes
    support goals


  • Anchor: Achieve established
    goals and sustain the changes

  • The Results:
    When clear goals are combined with consistent measurement and aligned behaviors, results start to come. Momentum takes over . . . success leads to more success. 

Improve Resident &
Staff Experience

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