How To Solve The Biggest Staffing Problems

The Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care (IASC) launched a new expert podcast series and their first episode features our very own Denise Boudreau-Scott, who is a regular editorial contributor for IASC.

In this podcast, Denise sits down with Adam Armstrong – Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care, in a segment called “The Top Secrets Employees Aren’t Telling You” to discuss culture change in modern long-term care.  They discuss the critical staff secrets, staffing trends, and the keys to “deinstitutionalizing” long-term care in the future.

Denise shares how the little gestures of staff recognition add up, how staff motivation factors play a role in the equation, and how recent research supports how these concepts improve five-star quality ratings while furthering person-centered care.

Click here to listen.