Being part of a Drive presentation is an experience like no other!

Whether it’s a keynote for your association or a virtual presentation for your leadership team:

Your attendees will learn. They’ll laugh. They might even cry.

The point is…they’ll be inspired. And that’s what matters. Because knowledge isn’t enough. Try googling “leadership”. The 3 billion options will tell you there’s no lack of information out there. But, as you know, leaders have a bad habit of not taking action on what they learn.

We’re masters at virtual presentations and masters of inspiring people to take action, long after they’ve hit the “leave meeting” on their Zoom screen.

  • “You did it again!!!! Thanks for providing great presentations at our regional frontline staff workshops and mid-manager series. Many of those who attended asked us to bring you back and we will do just that…we are looking forward to working with you next year! “

    Leslie Roseboro
    LeadingAge North Carolina
  • “Denise is an amazing speaker who is very easy to work with and is truly passionate about long term care. North Dakota participants thought she was engaging, easy to relate to, provided practical tips and had wonderful and helpful ideas. I would highly recommend Denise as a presenter and would definitely bring her back to North Dakota!”

    Bev Herman
    Education Director
    North Dakota LTC Association
  • “Denise was enjoyable and energetic to watch. Members loved her keynote and shared that it was ‘eye opening’ and contained ‘great information to take back to our building’.”

    Allie Spangler
    Director of Membership Services
    Utah Health Care Association
  • “I was so pleased with the engagement of the audience! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with our providers …you educated, inspired and encouraged them…and I have no doubt that it will make a difference in the lives of so many!”

    Mary Brinkley,
    LeadingAge Oklahoma
  • “Fearless in the Face of Crisis was the exact learning our members needed at the exact time. Plus, the Drive team was so easy to work with. I can’t tell you how many participants came to me and said they had new ideas to take back to their communities. That’s learning!”

    Polly Berkley
    Director of Education
    Kansas Health Care Association
  • I always look forward to the annual conference – to feel rejuvenated and remind me why I’m here. I didn’t anticipate an online program would match an in-person experience, but I was lifted mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Robin B


Drive’s Comprehensive Culture Analysis, is a data-driven, strategic approach that transforms a good culture into a great one!


Our leadership development work is based on decades of research that shows great leadership skills can be learned; you don’t have to be born with them!


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