Create a Better Culture

How much is your assumption that you have a “good” culture costing you? How many potential residents are you missing out on? How many good people are quitting? How many of your staff don’t really give it their all? How many customers are not getting the experience they were expecting?

Your people deserve better. You deserve better.

Yes, it’s not perfect, but you probably think your culture is pretty good. But how do you actually know?

Would you ever feel that your finances are good? Heck no!!

You look at your financial data to tell you the real story of what’s happening.

  Why is culture (that drives your financials) any different? 

Culture is simply “how we do things around here”.

Sometimes people use the words Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture interchangeably. They are strongly related, but are not the same thing. Employee engagement is how people feel and how much personal energy they’re willing to invest in their work.

But how can you know why someone feels the way they do about their work or why they are not investing personal energy into your organization?

You can only know by measuring your culture.

Your engagement score alone is NOT enough.

If you want proof of that, just look at how many engagement survey results never even get read!

Most are gathering dust on someone’s shelf. And the ones that are looked at? Most never have any action taken based on the results.

If engagement results or certifications were so helpful and so useful, wouldn’t you already have high occupancy, low turnover, and great customer service?


The Culture Values Assessment makes an immediate impact by:

  • measuring your culture through a simple assessment that takes just 10 minutes. Done on a phone or computer, the online assessment is the ultimate “game changer” in understanding your culture.
  • prioritizing a plan that is based on hard data and in-depth analysis. No need to figure out where to go next with the information you receive. We’ll give you a step-by-step, strategic culture plan that’s individualized to your unique organization.
  • “I can’t thank you enough for the positive energy and synergy that you helped create through the retreat. We are facing some tough challenges ahead and you were able to set the tone for openness and creativeness which will certainly help us achieve our goals. What you also helped create was a bond between us that came about through working together conceptual projects without it being “realtime” which is much more complicated and dramatic when defenses are up.”

    Jack Heiney
    Palmetto Health and Rehab, SC
  • “I would recommend Denise without reservation to any organization looking to elevate their staff’s enthusiasm for embracing organizational change, interpersonal dynamics and leadership empowerment at every level. Specifically our outcomes were more sensitivity to each others personalities; less resistance to change; accepting empowerment; and greater staff involvement.”

    Carl R. McAloose
    President & CEO
    Luthercare, PA
  • “Denise was enjoyable and energetic to watch. Members loved her keynote and shared that it was ‘eye opening’ and contained ‘great information to take back to our building’.”

    Allie Spangler
    Director of Membership Services
    Utah Health Care Association
  • “The ability to dissect and distill complex problems and obstacles through a data driven and engaging process… Effective and fun. I literally would choose no other to improve quality, promote culture change or to create a best practice.”

    Ron Bucci
    Former Executive Director
    Waveny LifeCare, CT


Drive’s Comprehensive Culture Analysis, is a data-driven, strategic approach that transforms a good culture into a great one!


Our leadership development work is based on decades of research that shows great leadership skills can be learned; you don’t have to be born with them!


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