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Sage Age Strategies
Montoursville, PA

Consistency & Structure

In-depth assessment including detailed recommendations, a step-by-step action plan and support for sustainability

Improved team and organizational cohesion leading to increased productivity and satisfaction



Sage Age Strategies is a nationally recognized, award-winning strategic marketing organization specializing in operational, marketing and growth solutions individually developed to help senior living and senior care providers thrive in their select markets.

Known throughout the senior living industry for its ability to boost lead generation, increase sales and develop and implement effective marketing plans that maximize growth and return-on-investment, Sage Age experienced explosive growth over the past two years. To keep up with the expanded client list and resulting project work load, it was forced to quickly hire new team members oftentimes without ample time for adequate training. While new team members consistently and effectively met client needs, internally, there was concern about the different approaches being adopted – a lack of consistency and structure – which was causing confusion and frustration. There was also an overall lack of communication between external team members and the home office, causing further concern and confusion over policies and procedures.

Sage Age engaged Drive to help it develop a more personalized and intimate “small organization” culture despite its rapid growth and new, continually expanding size.


  • Rapid growth over a short period of time
  • Lack of formal structure to manage growth
  • Disconnect between team members – those who work outside of the main company office and those who work within it
  • Confusion about reporting structure
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth were not clearly defined


At drive, we help clients understand the culture and operational changes needed to drive and sustain successful, meaningful change.

We focus on four areas:
Awaken: Reflect on each person’s contribution to culture
Assess: Review strengths and identify opportunities
Align: Ensure processes support goals
Anchor: Achieve established goals and sustain the changes by turning ideas into action at Sage Age.

Drive conducted an organizational assessment, which kicked off with a leadership retreat for Sage Age leaders and managers, followed by a series of interviews and focus groups with all levels of employees. After gathering the feedback, the team received detailed recommendations and then met to establish and prioritize goals. The Drive team continues to provide ongoing mentoring to the Sage Age leadership team through monthly accountability calls and executive coaching. Sage Age team members expressed appreciation for the opportunity to be heard and to have their feedback shared, and acted upon, by the Sage Age leadership team.


  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Deepened understanding of organizational mission
  • Increased creative communication & collaboration
  • Higher level of financial transparency
  • Improved team and organizational cohesion
  • Established timeline for projects, decreasing the number of rush jobs
  • Created opportunities for personal growth