Awaken Your Staff with a Drive Team Retreat.

Team retreats are a great way to awaken staff.  We offer several types of team retreats.  Retreats can be scheduled to meet the needs of any specific organization or association.  Depending on the scope of work, we can develop half day sessions, full day retreats or multi day retreats.  We focus on core concepts of communication, team building, and promoting a culture of innovation, while customizing our approach to your unique needs.  We inspire better outcomes by understanding and listening to your strengths and areas for opportunity.

Connect with us and learn more about how we can inspire team members in your organization to take action. 

“I would recommend you without reservation to any organization looking to elevate their staff’s enthusiasm for embracing organizational change, interpersonal dynamics and leadership empowerment at every level. Specifically our outcomes were: more sensitivity to each other’s personalities, less resistance to change, accepting empowerment and greater staff involvement.”
Carl R. McAloose, President & CEO Luthercare, PA



The gift of strengths.

Even the most motivated people get overwhelmed and feel like they can’t find the time to keep moving the needle. We offer group and one-on-one coaching that will help you to push through the barriers.  We will focus on utilizing your natural leadership style, because nothing is worse than trying to fit yourself into someone else’s idea of a great leader.  It’s like wearing clothes from someone else’s closet … it just doesn’t fit!

For decades, research has shown that strong leadership skills can be learned, you don’t have to be born with them!  On each call we’ll focus on improving those learnable skills by setting concrete goals to help you achieve both your personal and organizational objectives.

Our team has trained and coached hundreds of leaders to help them uncover their strengths and maximize their potential.  We look forward to supporting you!

Become a Strong Leader. Interested in learning more? 
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Our online 360 leadership assessments are designed to support and enhance your leadership behaviors.  

By using the self and observer assessment, research shows you can become a stronger leader both at home and at work.  This assessment is administrated by a third-party. Following the 360 assessment we recommend scheduling a coaching session to discuss your results and to set personal leadership goals.

“After spending just two days in our home, Denise established a foundation of energy, hope, passion and tangible vision we were so desperately seeking. From that moment, everything began to truly evolve and change in ways we could previously only dream of.”
Ryan Krebs, Corporate Executive Chef, K.S. Shea & Associates, CA