The Why:

Struggling to keep census consistently high?  Wondering how you can attract and keep the “right” employees?  Drive through those roadblocks and create a culture where residents thrive and employees love coming to work.  We’ll show you how.

Increased Census > 9% higher
Increased Revenue > $11.43 per resident, per day
Decreased Turnover > 50% less turnover
Improved Productivity > 38% higher

*Based on Commonwealth Fund & Gallup Inc. research

The How:

Drive’s exclusive four-step approach to organizational development will help your organization achieve its full potential by showing you, step-by-step, how to create a culture of strong, motivated leaders and engaged employees.  It’s a proven solution that works.

Awaken: Reflect on each person’s contribution to organizational culture with a leadership retreat focused on strengthening the team and committing to a common vision.  

Assess: Review strengths, identify opportunities through tours, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.

Align: Ensure processes support goals with a facilitated visioning and action planning retreat.  

Anchor: Achieve established goals and sustain the changes by holding team members accountable through check-ins and educational program offerings.

The Results:

Drive through your obstacles and step on the gas.  Meet and exceed your organizational goals at an accelerated pace.  Actual client outcomes include:

  • Increased census
  • Decreased agency costs
  • Increased resident/staff satisfaction
  • Increased skilled nursing star rating
  • Decreased calls to compliance hotline

The ability to dissect and distill complex problems and obstacles through a data driven and engaging process… Effective and fun. I literally would choose no other to improve quality, promote culture change or to create a best practice.

– Ron Bucci, former Executive Director, Waveny LifeCare, CT

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