The Comprehensive Culture Analysis


Be the envy of the industry. When others are trying to scrape by on whomever they can hire (a horrible choice that negatively impacts their residents and staff), you’ll have a waiting list of applicants! The Comprehensive Culture Analysis, is a data-driven approach that transforms a good culture into a great one! Curious to know how?

The CCA is a six-week process with four main components:

  • Culture Values Assessment – an assessment that MEASURES your culture! Drive is on a mission to make this assessment the standard in senior living! It is the ultimate “game changer” in understanding your culture and why it is in crisis.
  • Focus Groups – a deep dive into what is really going on at your organization, right from the mouths of your current team members.
  • Leadership Retreat – a leadership refresh and refocus that is culture driven and proven to elevate and stretch skill sets.
  • Strategic Culture Plan – a plan that has all the things leaders love: hard data, in-depth analysis and step-by-step suggestions around how to improve your organization’s culture. We make it so darn easy to begin your culture makeover that you are empowered to start and see it through following this custom plan. 

The starting investment for a Comprehensive Culture Analysis is $9,980.


“At CLC we are always looking for innovative ways to improve our culture and believe strongly that to be the best we can be, it’s important to constantly challenge ourselves. We found the cultural values assessment data to be deeper than just measuring engagement. It was fascinating to get an actual measurement of our culture. This experience has shone a light on the “what” and the “why” of our culture, and the “how” has also become much clearer.”

Camille Burke, COO, Christian Living Communities and Capella Living Solutions


“Drive has given us a road map to successfully implement changes to our organizational culture.  From the staff sessions we have a better understanding of their needs and where we can focus our resources to attract the best employees possible. Since engaging with Drive our company has seen a significant change in the engagement of our staff and the grasp of the sustainable change we are going through.”

Scott A. Buchanan, Chief Executive Officer, The Ohio Masonic Home, Ohio


“In the time we’ve worked with Drive, we’ve seen positive improvements in our culture, leading to a 33% decrease in turnover, $10,000 a month savings in overtime and a 37% decrease in agency. Things that once seemed too difficult to tackle on our own are less intimidating knowing the Drive team is there to coach and guide us!”

Kevin McKay, President & CEO, Tockwotton on the Waterfront, Rhode Island